Review Marketing

These days, 91% of consumers are reading reviews. Reviews are vital to your business. The average consumer places as much faith in an online review as they do in a recommendation from an in person recommendation from a friend, making review marketing an excellent and effective tool. Positive feedback can also push your ranking in search results and result in clients that are willing to spend more because they are confident that they’ll be receiving top notch service.

What Do Customers Look for in Reviews?

  1. Average Star Rating While looking for a company to hire, customers usually have a minimum acceptable star rating in mind. For 42% of consumers, the minimum star rating is 3 stars.
  2. How Many Reviews You Have You can have a perfect 5 star rating, but if it’s only based on one review then customers will be suspicious. Most consumers like to read 4-6 reviews thoroughly and see that you have a few more reviews than that that are contributing to your average star rating.
  3. Review Quality Often times, review platforms will filter reviews that it deems as low quality. Customers also like to read reviews that are around a paragraph in length so that they can get a feel for how your business operates through the eyes of another customer.
  4. Review Date Customers put more trust in reviews written recently. Although older reviews will help your average star rating, most consumers only read reviews written in the last six months because that gives them an idea of how your company operates presently.

What We Do

Goldstein Brossard offers a comprehensive review marketing program. We can help you control your online reputation and make sure that people are talking about you- in a positive way. Our company specializes in every review platform. We can manage and monitor your Google reviews, yelp reviews, social media reviews, Facebook reviews, and more! We follow our step by step review marketing layout in order to provide the most efficient, high quality service possible.

  1. Review Management Audit Our team of review management professionals will perform an analysis of your reviews and current review marketing tactics. We will cross analyze every review platform to see how many reviews you have out there. A few of these sites include Google, Bing, Facebook, and BBB.
  2. Best and Worst Platforms After we find all your reviews, we will analyze to see which platforms have the most positive reviews and which platforms need the most managing.
  3. Collect Customer Emails When customers purchase from you or work with your company we will request their email address.
  4. Email Campaign Once we have gathered email addresses from your clients, we will send out an email campaign. The email will ask the client if they liked working with your business and ask them to leave you a review.
  5. Follow up Monitoring It isn’t enough to just get a number of reviews, they need to be brought in consistently. Our company will also handle review monitoring and will respond to both positive and negative reviews to boost your reputation.

Goldstein Brossard Approach

Our team of highly trained and experienced review marketing analysts are eager to manage your reviews. We customize our services to fit your company, advertising goals, and budget! We do in depth market research on your industry and location before we even get started on your advertising campaigns. Our niche specific knowledge base is what sets us apart from other advertising agencies. Fill out our form for a free consultation today!