Email marketing is an incredibly useful and effective way to generate leads and get sales. An email marketing campaign can be low cost, efficient, and simple. At Goldstein Brossard, our team of email marketing professionals can create a custom email blast suited to your company’s marketing goals and budget.  The Goldstein Brossard email marketing service is highly variable and customized to your business; here are some options we offer to help you create the perfect email campaign.

Goldstein Brossard Email Strategy

  1.  We Build an Opt-In Email List
    We will add an area for visitors to provide their email in your contact form if they’re interested in your company. This will sign them up to receive your email campaigns. We will also use paid social media ads encouraging sign ups to grow the list of people subscribed to your email list.
  2.  We Create a Custom Email Template
    Our team of professional web developers will design an email marketing campaign based on extensive email marketing research. Our email templates are optimized and proven to be effective.
  3.  Content Creation
    Our team of U.S. based professional content creators will write custom content for your email blast. This content is designed to be engaging and drives users towards your website or contact form. This content is always location and industry specific.
  4.  Email Campaign Tracking
    We will track the number of readers who open your email, click through, and visit your website. In addition, we will also track leads, revenue, and sales.
  5.  Email Campaign Testing
    We will split test the send times, subject lines, copies, and offers.
  6.  Advanced Options
    Our sophisticated email marketing options include automated marketing, customer retention emails, as well as win back email campaigns
  7.  Mobile Friendly Email Campaigns
    We create responsive email campaigns that translate perfectly to mobile devices.

Marketing Automation

Automated marketing is completed using software that has been designed to execute marketing goals in the most efficient and results geared way. The automated marketing experts here at Goldstein Brossard can help you create complex automated email campaigns to boost your company’s marketing strategy. At Goldstein Brossard, we do it all. We can help you choose a platform for automated marketing, set up your campaign, integrate your website, create an email list, set goals and strategize, create content, track, and send you a monthly, easy to understand report so that you know exactly how your email marketing is doing. Goldstein Brossard can help you maximize your automated marketing campaign for the best results.

Opt-In List Building

The web design specialists here at Goldstein Brossard can build a contact form for your website where visitors can sign up for your email list. To encourage sign ups, you can offer a sign up discount or inform visitors that you’ll be sending sales and useful information straight to their inbox. By having people choose to join your email list, you are directly emailing people who have already expressed interest in your services. This makes them more likely to convert and become a customer. The Goldstein Brossard team can build you a sign up form that perfectly suits the theme of your website. Need a new website? We can do that too! We are your one stop shop for cohesive, effective advertising.