What are Google My Business Posts and are They Important?

Google My Business Posts are short posts usually used to promote some aspect of your business. They also boost your local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and your overall search engine ranking authority. They may even help improve your voice search results. Let us explore exactly what a Google My Business post is and how it can improve your site rank, authority, and overall search engine presence.

What is a Google My Business Post?

GMB (Google My Business) Posts are 100-300 word posts (usually accompanied by an image or short video) used to promote sales and other aspects of your business on your GMB page. These posts also typically include a call-to-action button to help direct users to the services they want. However, these featured posts only stay live for seven days. After which, Google removes them from your featured posts list. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though. Having these short post cycles helps keep business owners posting fresh content to engage their audience.

Do GMB Posts Affect SEO?

Yes. GMB Posts do contribute to and affect your overall SEO. The different ways in which GMB Posts affect your site’s SEO include (but are not limited to):
  • First, they can increase your overall traffic.
  • Second, they impact ranking authority and rank.
  • Third, they can help generate more traffic to other areas of your site via call-to-action buttons.

What About Voice Search and GMB Posts?

Yes, Google My Business Posts do affect voice search results. However, they only do so on Google-owned voice search devices (like Google Home speakers and Android smartphones). In addition, GMB Posts will not affect your voice search snippet ranking with Bing, Yahoo, Siri, Amazon Alexa, or any other non-Google proprietary virtual assistant or voice search technology.

Too Much to Handle? Enlist the Experts at Goldstein Brossard

Is this all a little more than you want to handle? That’s OK. The SEO professionals at Goldstein-Brossard can help you understand Google My Business postings. We can even provide you with regular Google My Business Posts. So contact our team of reliable SEO professionals to learn more about Google My Business Posts today!