All About Featured Snippets

Google has changed a lot since it first launched. While ranking in organic search results is still very important, there are many other aspects of Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs) that have become valuable places to snag extra search traffic. In this post, we’ll cover what featured snippets are, how they can drive traffic to your site, and how you can rank for them.

Featured Snippets: What Are They?

Featured snippets, also referred to as “answer boxes” are featured above organic search results right below paid ads. Featured snippets are meant to answer a user’s search query right away without the user having to navigate to another page from the SERP. criminal trial procedure in California featured snippet example These featured snippets are a great place to build brand exposure because the URL of the page the answer is always featured below the answer. In the case of the featured snippet above the user’s search query has already been answered, but this particular plumbing company’s name now holds a very valuable and high visibility area in search results which Moz states can increase traffic 20-30%.

How Can You Get Featured Snippets?

Now that we know what featured snippets are, let’s focus on how you can get your pages to rank there.
  1. Answer questions concisely – Most featured snippets seem to have a maximum limit of 97 words and Google seems to prefer that the question is answered in a single paragraph. Organizing your content with these rules in mind can go a long way to making Google appreciate your answer and raise the possibility of them becoming featured snippets.
  2. Write content that answers a lot of similar questions – Once a page is featured, it’s likely that it will be featured for a lot of similar queries. Having answers to similar questions on the same page can catch a lot more users than hyper-specific pages and drive more traffic to your site.
  3. Include eye-grabbing images in your content – Including relevant media content is already a great on page SEO practice, but is even more important when dealing with featured snippets. Images from pages are included in the featured snippet occasionally like in the example below and can provide a more eye-catching and traffic grabbing snippet over a snippet without an image.
  4. Update content and re-upload images – Google really likes to see that a page is active so updating content regularly on older pages is a great way to show Google that you are working on a page. WordPress adds dates to image URLs as well so re-uploading your images occasionally can keep them from seeming outdated to search engines.

Get The Help of A Professional SEO Company

With these tools under your belt, you’ll have some great starting points for getting featured snippets in google. If all of this seems like too much work on top of running your business, then a professional SEO company can manage your site and your pages for you. In today’s digital age it is crucial that your site is highly visible in Google SERPs to stay competitive. Don’t overlook this aspect of your marketing strategy.