Voice Search and How It Influences Featured Snippets

The SEO experts at Goldstein Brossard want you to know that obtaining an illusive featured snippet listing for your business is one of the best things you can do to grow your brand. because they are simple to scan and can provide a trusted answer without leaving the search results page for their query. A featured snippet also makes you stand out for digital assistants as it allows for search questions with a simple answer that could easily be read aloud. If your pages are featured snippets, you often have a better chance of grabbing valuable voice search traffic.

Optimize Your Page for Featured Snippets

It’s far easier for us to alter how we write versus how we speak. When search engines first came along, users would write truncated in robotic-sounding sentences to be easily read by search engines. For example, a question that could be phrased aloud as “What is the criminal trial process in California?” would be typed into a search engine as “criminal trial process in California.” This way of eliminating extra words such as “what.” “is” and “for” is much more challenging to do when we speak naturally. Nowadays, many users rely on voice searches through digital assistants, and search engine optimists are beginning to adapt and optimize their content for these long-tail keywords. Recent research by Moz has shown that “how” appears more than any other word in searches that returned a featured snippet, followed by “does.” Then, “to,” “much,” “what,” and “is.” That means featured snippets are being returned for searches closer to how users speak. Optimizing keywords for these more extended and natural-sounding phrases could put you ahead of the competition in securing featured snippets like the one below. criminal trial procedure in California featured snippet example

Format your Content to Appeal to Featured Snippets

The words “best” and “how-to” return more featured snippets than anything else, and content that is put into lists dominate most featured snippets over paragraphs and tables. Lists are quick, easy to follow and deliver quality information without fluff. With this information, we can focus on formatting our “best” and “how-to” content into lists to have the best chance of appearing in featured snippets and voice searches.

Start Tracking Voice-Friendly Snippets

Create a newly modified list of keywords that will sound more natural when spoken out loud and introduce them to your content. Tracking your new set of keywords could help provide valuable information on your potential for ranking in featured snippets and help make your website competitive in this new age of voice search on smart devices. Call a professional SEO company if you need help tracking new keywords and optimizing your pages for featured snippets. Most SEO companies, like us here at Goldstein Brossard, will manage your content and keyword tracking for you, which frees you to focus on running your business.

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