Why Responding to Reviews is Always in Your Best Interest

Almost everyone that owns a business or website understands the power of user reviews. They can either be beneficial to your business or incredibly detrimental. However, while it’s true that everyone knows that reviews are essential, most websites and business owners never respond to any of their reviews, good or bad. That’s a problem. Whether that review is good or bad, replying to a user review shows the customer that you care about their overall experience with your company. Just responding to a negative review can even convince some people to change their initial bad reviews into glowing ones. It all comes down to how you, the business owner, in this scenario, interact with your customers on review sites like Yelp and ReviewBuzz.

What Makes Online Reviews So Important?

To adequately display just how critical online reviews can be, here are a few well-gathered statistics on the subject:

  • According to BrightLocal, 57% of consumers only use businesses with an online review ranking of four or more stars.
  • Most companies only ever see four percent of their negative reviews. This implies that there are several negative reviews that business owners will never lay eyes on (Ruby Speaks)
  • Around 89% of prospective consumers read business’ responses to reviews online (BrightLocal)
  • 91% of 18-34 year-olds trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations from friends and family(BrightLocal).

Don’t Panic! Bad Reviews Aren’t As Bad As You Might Think.

Let’s assume (and it’s a pretty safe assumption for any business) that your company has received some negative reviews. While it’s true that negative reviews can make your company look bad, they are nothing to panic about! In all honesty, negative reviews should be considered an opportunity to turn a dissatisfied customer into a satisfied one. Online reviews aren’t static. They’re living, breathing organisms, and the better you tend to them, the better they’ll treat your business. In other words, negative reviews don’t have to stay negative.

How To Salvage A Customer That Left A Negative Review

OK, you presently know not to freeze up when you’re looked at with a negative review from a disappointed client. In any case, that makes one wonder: What’s the greatest weapon in your armory against the negative nancies of the world? The appropriate response may shock you. All you need to do to kill most of the negative impacts of awful reviews is to respond to them. Be that as it may, don’t simply give some nonexclusive, useless “we’ve perused your survey, and we’ll chip away at making things right” schtick. Make the most of your answers. Emphatically draw in with your client. Attempt to do directly by the client and work on transforming their negative review into a positive one.

All right, that was somewhat over the top. But the point is a valid one. Simply engaging with your clients can genuinely enable you to make some genuine steps towards increasingly positive associations and reviews later on.

Let Goldstein Brossard Handle Your Review Management

The review management experts at Goldstein Brossard understand that negative reviews are no fun. We also understand that most websites and business owners don’t have the time and ability to respond to reviews of their business online adequately. In light of that fact, we offer reliable and affordable review management services. So let us handle the negative reviews while you focus on running your business.