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Improving Your Google My Business Rank

In an earlier post, we established just how vital a well-made Google My Business profile is. However, that's just the tip of the iceberg for getting the absolute most out of Local Search and the Google My Business platform. The GMB and Local Search platform similarly rank listings and profiles to traditional Google searches. So, it stands to reason that,… Read More

Is It Time To Update Your Website?

Updating your website is almost always advisable. However, certain situations warrant an update or revision more than others. What are those situations? Well, we're glad you asked! Here at Goldstein Brossard, we feel five primary reasons to consider updating your website in 2020. Those reasons include the following: 1: Your site doesn't accurately reflect your brand 2: It uses outdated… Read More

Voice Search and How It Influences Featured Snippets

The SEO experts at Goldstein Brossard want you to know that obtaining an illusive featured snippet listing for your business is one of the best things you can do to grow your brand. because they are simple to scan and can provide a trusted answer without leaving the search results page for their query. A featured snippet also makes you… Read More

Canonical Link Best Practices

Having canonical links is an excellent way to avoid penalties for duplicate content on your website while ensuring that you keep all of the factors that help a page rank well from other same pages. Of course, having duplicate content on your website is usually not done intentionally, but it can happen even the best. We want you to know… Read More

Is SEO Important for Law Firms?

The short answer is a firm, resounding "Yes!" SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the process of specializing a website for search engine performance. But why is that important for law firms? Let's discuss it. Reason 1 - Most Web Traffic Comes from Organic Search Results The most important reason to utilize quality SEO for your law firm or legal… Read More

How To Market Your Essential Business

Suppose you run what's considered an essential business during the current pandemic. In that case, you're inevitably aware of just how difficult marketing and advertising have become. People don't go out anymore (as advised by several state and local governments), and it's getting harder and harder to get noticed through traditional marketing means like billboards and print ads. Fortunately, all… Read More

Why Responding to Reviews is Always in Your Best Interest

Almost everyone that owns a business or website understands the power of user reviews. They can either be beneficial to your business or incredibly detrimental. However, while it's true that everyone knows that reviews are essential, most websites and business owners never respond to any of their reviews, good or bad. That's a problem. Whether that review is good or… Read More

Increase Click-Through By 35% With Star Ratings On Google

Have you ever wondered if star ratings on Google increase your click-through rate? Well, it turns out that they do. That's right, star ratings on search engines matter. In fact, according to a study by the CXL Institute, you can increase click-through by 35% with star ratings on Google and other search engines. But that begs a couple of questions.… Read More

Instagram Paid Ads – Where to Start

Social media marketing is becoming one of the most important ways to advertise. With so many users checking their Instagram every day, you're missing a piece of the market if you aren't advertising to them. Instagram ads are placed in users' home feed and between story posts from users they follow. Instagram ads have large viewership, they're low cost, and… Read More