Making Leave a Review Links With Google

When it comes to online marketing, getting your hands on legitimate positive reviews is pure SEO (Search Engine Optimization) gold! The more reviews you get, the more likely your site/business will obtain a higher authority score from search engines like Google. However, having your customers and visitors leave your reviews can be difficult. Well, at least it used to be difficult! Now, with the help of Google, you can create a special link using their tools that directs users to a spot to easily leave you a review.

Using Google Search to Build a Leave a Review Link

This is a very easy way to build/find a leave a review link. However, it isn’t guaranteed to work. To create a link using Google Search you simply:
  • Search for the business name on Google (please note that the company name you search for must be an exact match to your business name on Google My Business).
  • Find your business in the SERP (Search Engines Results Page)
  • Click the “Write a review” button that shows up on your business snippet.
  • Copy the URL that link directs you to and use it to create your link.
  • Your URL should look something like this:

Using the Google PlaceID Lookup Tool to Build a Leave a Review Link

While using the PlaceID lookup method is a slightly more complex way to build a leave a review link, it is also guaranteed to work. To use the Google PlaceID lookup tool to build your leave a review link, you just:
  • Go to the PlaceID Lookup Tool in your browser of choice (link found HERE)
  • Enter your business name as it appears on your Google My Business listing
  • Click on your business
  • Copy the Place ID and place it into the following URL:*place_id*
  • Your final URL should look like this:

Contact Goldstein-Brossard if You Need Help!

If you find this too complicated, or if you simply don’t have time to deal with it, then don’t fret! You can always contact the SEO professionals here at Goldstein-Brossard. Our team of experts is standing by to help you through every step of the building a review link process. So, don’t hesitate. Contact us today!