How to Check for Content Readability

Every online content creator should ask themselves: “Is my content easily read and understood by my intended audience?”

Why is that question important? Because, at the end of the day, you’re not writing for search engines; you’re writing for people. Google and other search engines cater to users, not content creators. We all want our websites and businesses to perform well on search engines, and writing easily-read content is the first step to take.

But, that begs the question: How? Well, there are several answers to that question. So, let’s talk about your options a little bit.

Option 1 – Read Your Content Out Loud

Always read your content out loud to yourself. We’ve listed this as an option, but it is really the first step towards creating any piece of written content. But why is it important?

Reading your content aloud to yourself helps prevent your brain from correcting errors, tense, and style. We could go on about this for a while, but Forbes pretty much summed it up with this:

“Reading out loud helps us process our content as humans, not just as writers. It’s also the best way to make sure your website copy is written in your company’s voice.”Kate Kiefer Lee, To Write Like A Human, Read Your Work Out Loud, Forbes.

Option 2 – Have Others Read It, Too

Again, this option is honestly more like step 2 of writing a good copy. In fact, we’d say that every option listed in this post is 100% necessary.

After you’ve read your piece aloud to yourself, and have finished correcting any errors you find, ask others to read it. The more people who read your stuff, the better. But why?

As with reading aloud to yourself, having others read your content helps make sure that you sound human. It also helps make sure that your copy uses your company’s style, voice, and overall language. Having others read your copy also helps find any grammatical and spelling errors that you might have missed on your own.

Option 3 – Use Online Tools and Software to Check Readability

The easiest option listed here is to use online tools and software to check for readability. There are several different options for readability checking software out there. Some of the better ones are:

Option 4 – Hire Goldstein Brossard

If you still have issues with making sure that human beings easily read your content, then you can always hire a company to handle it for you. Enter us here at Goldstein Brossard. Our team of expert SEO copywriters and authors can take any piece you’ve written and spun it into easily read and understood web copy. We can even author web content for you! So contact us for help with content readability today!

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