8 Digital Marketing Trends for 2024

2024 is here! Now is the perfect time to revisit your digital marketing strategies for the year. While you do so, keep in mind the following eight digital marketing trends for 2024 from the marketing professionals here at Goldstein Brossard:

1 – Get In Touch With Our New and Improved AI Masters

In 2024, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will completely take over the digital marketing landscape. AI-powered tools and machines now shape the future of almost every aspect of consumer life, and they’re not limited to menial tasks alone. In fact, due to their cost and efficiency, you can even find AI taking over what has always been considered human-specific jobs. For example, monolithic tech companies such as Microsoft and Uber use AI-powered Knightscope K5 robots in place of human security guards for parking lots and large outdoor areas. AI has already started its takeover of the marketing world. Several larger companies have already begun using AI-powered tools in everyday business dealings. For example, MasterCard uses an AI-powered chatbot that has wholly automated its payment support. AI will make a big splash this year, so why not embrace it? Contact the professional digital marketers here at Goldstein Brossard to learn more about how you can adopt AI into your online marketing strategies.

2 – Personal Advertisements Will Overtake General Audience Marketing in 2024

Marketing to a large, general audience was one of the most effective marketing strategies. However, in 2024, general marketing seems to turn more people away from your brand than it does to garner new customers. In 2024, people respond much more positively to personal advertisements than general audience marketing. Here are some statistics from Single Grain that show just how much more people get drawn in toward unique marketing strategies:
  • 90% of people claim to view the personalization of advertisements as appealing
  • 80% of people say that they are more likely to do business with a company if it offers more personalized experiences and advertisements
  • 63% of consumers said they were annoyed by generic advertisement campaigns
As you can see from the statistics above, people like personalized marketing more than general advertisements. For help getting a little more personal with your marketing in 2024, contact our team of professionals right away!

3 – Video is More Important than Ever in 2024

Video-based marketing will be more critical in 2024 than ever before. Take a look at a few more statistics from Single Grain to get an idea of just how much impact video has on consumers:
  • 72% of businesses claim that video improves their conversion rates
  • 70% of consumers say that they have, at one point or another, shared a company’s video on their own social media networks
  • 65% of executives visit a company’s website after viewing a video
  • 39% of executives call a vendor after seeing a company’s video
From the statistics above, it’s clear just how vital video is to consumers. So, since it’s important, why not add video marketing to your existing marketing strategy? Contact us, and we’ll help you devise a bulletproof video marketing strategy.

4 – Optimizing for Visual Search Will Become Far More Important in 2024

Optimizing for visual search will be paramount in 2024. Some of the various things you can use visual search for include:
  • Clothing, apparel, and home goods
  • Bar codes
  • Books
  • Business cards
  • Buildings and landmarks
  • Paintings in a museum
  • Plants and animals
  • Event flyers and billboards
Since visual search is new and exceedingly complicated, we won’t bore you with the nitty-gritty details here. Instead, to learn more about visual search and what you can do to optimize it, contact Contractor Advertising, or read through this in-depth overview of the technology in this Forbes article.

5 – Voice Search and Featured Snippets are the New Rank 1 in Search

People use voice search and look for quick answers on search engines more and more every day. In 2024, we predict that voice searches may outpace traditional text-based searches. So, in light of that, wouldn’t it be nice to optimize for the onslaught of voice search and the coveted “rank 0” spot on Google and other search engines now? To get ready for voice search and featured snippets, check out our article here. Additionally, you can contact our professionals to get started with your voice search and featured snippet optimization today!

6 – Micro-Moment Marketing is Another New Digital Marketing Trend in 2024

A micro-moment is a moment “when people reflexively turn to a device — increasingly a smartphone — to act on a need or learn something, do something, discover something, watch something, or buy something. They are intent-rich moments when decisions are made and preferences shaped.” (Google). If you wish to market in the micro-moment arena, focus on the following four micro-moments:
  • I-want-to-know moments An I-want-to-know micro-moment occurs when someone is browsing the web without intending to buy anything.
  • I-want-to-go moments These micro-moments occur whenever someone seeks a specific local business or location to purvey.
  • I-want-to-do moments Micro-moments, categorized as I-want-to-do moments, occur when someone wants help with a task or wants to try something new.
  • I-want-to-buy moments These micro-moments are, by far, the most impactful micro-moments for online marketing. For example, during an I-want-to-buy micro-moment, customers want to purchase but may need help deciding what to buy or where to buy it.
To get started marketing in the micro-moment field, contact the expert marketers and SEO professionals here at Goldstein Brossard!

7 – People Expect Interactive Content in 2024

Next on our list of digital marketing trends for 2024 is to add more interactive content to your website. By interactive content, we mean infographics, videos, quizzes, polls, embedded tools (like calculators), augmented reality ads, and 360-degree video. Interactive content is fast becoming a huge marketing trend. 91% of consumers and buyers actively search out more interactive content. In addition, people seem to expect more use from a website than a phone number to call these days. Contact our experts today to help implement more interactive content on your website or in your marketing strategies.

8 – Intent-Based Keyword Research and Optimization are Paramount in 2024

Thanks to Google and its BERT algorithm, natural language, and intent-based keyword optimization are the way to go in 2024. In a previous blog post, we discussed how crucial intent-based keyword research and optimization are. So, naturally, we won’t dive too deeply into today’s subject. Instead, check out our article on BERT and natural language processing here, and read our article on how to get started with intent-based keywords here.

Conclusions on Our Eight Impactful Digital Marketing Trends of 2024

In conclusion, the online and digital marketing worlds will drastically change in 2024. But don’t let that deter you from putting in the effort to stay current with your digital marketing. Some of the most impactful digital marketing trends of 2024 include:
  • AI is here. Embrace it
  • Personalization is the way to go.
  • Video is more important than ever.
  • Visual Search is here and taking the search world by storm.
  • Optimizing for voice search and featured snippets is more relevant than ever before
  • Micro-moment marketing is here to stay.
  • People all but expect interactive content in 2024
  • Intent-based keywords are the future of search.
The marketers at Goldstein Brossard have helped law firms and other businesses with their online marketing for years. We provide tangible results, keep up with current marketing trends, and always stand behind our work. So, if you’d like some help getting your digital marketing strategies updated for 2024, contact us right away! Looking for help with the trash around your house or business? Well, then look no further than dumpster rental experts at Trash Daddy! Check out one of their many locations below: